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About the Artist

I'm an artist, Spanish interpreter, Yoga instructor, and director of Fine Art Studio. I began parallel careers in language, dance, and visual arts at a very young age. Native from Cancun Mexico, grew up in Europe, and now proud to be an American. Traveling around the world gave me the opportunity to visit important art museums in Italy, France, Egypt, Japan, and the USA.

The access to languages such as Spanish, Italian, and French opened many doors in the art world. As a teenager, I developed the skills for painting portraits, still life, and flowers.

My paintings are the story of my life. My style is a mix of impressionism and abstract. I enjoy working with acrylic and mix media. I’m fascinated with bright colors and high contrast. I love using texture and bold strokes. I get inspiration from my emotions.

Formally Art studies at la Esmeralda and influenced by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo infuencing  the foundation of my painting style.

I recently  married Paul Schoo and moved to Gahanna. Love is an inspiration to paint.

I'm passionate about art, love, and life.

Jorge Vales

Jorge is a young artist experimenting a new age style, fresh and dynamic.

He Often spends the night without sleep, the result, new art work.

He's also a chef with lots of creativity and a wicked sense of humor.