Fine Art Studio 

Unique art work for your home, office, and Business

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Portraits in oil, acrylic, or charcoal

Custom Portraits

Send me the picture for your portrait.

Select the technique, size, and colors of your preference.

There is an option to incorporate elements of your preference such as favorite dress, symbols, flowers, and more.

Receive an estimated price and time of delivery.

Special logos and symbols

Custom Designs

I can create a original design for an event.

You can create a design for a particular place in your house.

We can create a special decoration for your office or business.

Send me your ideas, I will share mine and together we will create a masterpiece.

Impressionist & abstract style

Special commissions

I can paint a mural at your residence.

We can paint the lobby of your office, or business with original art work 

You give your ideas, I will make magic.